Friday, November 7, 2008

Gayot Top 40 Hits the Interpipes.

The 2008 Gayot Top 40 list has been released!

As I said in a post from last year, the heavy emphasis on French food goes a long way towards negating the importance of the list, but it's a jolly good conversation piece.

Some pretty big movements for this year, namely a second restaurant has joined L'Espalier in Boston, O Ya.

Sona was replaced by Urawsawa in Los Angeles, and New York continues to reign supreme even after losing Bouley from its list.

In general, I liked this list more than last year. A bit more variety and more locations -twenty cities compared to 2007's seventeen- makes it much more digestible than last year's assertion that nearly 25% of all great restaurants in the ENTIRE COUNTRY are in New York.

The Gayot Top 40 Restaurants in the United States

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