Thursday, August 16, 2007

RECOMMENDATION: Captain Morgan's Private Stock

Captain Morgan has recently started marketing their Private Stock product. I'm not sure how private it can be, since I'm drinking it, but that doesn't change that it's very good. The smell is similar to ordinary Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, but much lighter. The vanilla scent is more muted, and as with ordinary Captain, none of it reaches your taste buds. The other flavors come out much stronger, since other aspects of the drink don't overpower them. The spice and molasses come out well, and there's a creamy after taste that's really quite impressive.

Considering the price, I paid $26.00 for 750ml, I actually consider it a bargain. It's the only large scale rum that I can stand straight. It's pricey, but a single bottle will actually last longer than a large, regular bottle since you will not want to mix this. It would be wasted in a cocktail. I drink it on the rocks with a splash of water or without.

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