Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Saint Joseph's Day

Damn Saint's days. One right after another.

But, who can complain when they all have food's associated with them! Not me!

So in recognition of this glorious day, which has lost all religious significance, let's talk about zeppole. As a pastry, what a zeppola consists of can vary pretty significantly. In comparison to most other pastries, the big differentiating factor is that they're fried.

The most common type of zeppola in Rhode Island is a flat zeppola, with a pocket in the center that is filled with a custard. Traditional ones, or at least traditional for this area, have rum in the custard.

But you can also make zeppole with almost any filling, be it cheese, custard, cream, or even fish paste. Still, they are most commonly desserts and have sweet fillings.

I'm going to be a bit of cheerleader for my favorite local zeppole and say that people should get them from Scialo Bros. Bakery, on Federal Hill, or from Emilio's Bakery, in Warwick.

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