Saturday, May 28, 2011

A New Not Food Pyramid

The USDA's redesigned food pyramid, produced in 2005, was widely panned as somehow worse than the original one, which was itself widely criticized. Don't worry, the government is on the job. These guys know how to do shit right.

And by that, they are going to release a completely new food pyramid. So new, in fact, that it won't be a pyramid at all. It's going to be some "plate" design. I'm sure it will make complete sense.

Forgive me for being skeptical, but the government spent years on the 2005 pyramid, and it was ridiculous. It made no sense, provided no help whatsoever, and managed to ignore almost all of the developments in dietary science from the previous two decades. It was an absolute clusterfuck.

I really, truly, deeply hope that they don't make the situation worse. People NEED guidance. There is so much contradictory evidence out there, and so much of it is wrapped up in ideological baggage, it eventually just drives people away. They throw their arms up, stop their inquiry, and keep doing whatever it is that they're doing. And as we've moved further away from Grandma's "everything in moderation" motto, what people are doing is getting increasingly worse.

Please, please, pleeeeaaaase, government people. Do right by the populace. Don't bend to lobbyists from whatever-the-fuck industry has its finger up your butt. Produce a simple graphic that gets it right. It can't be that hard.


Anonymous said...

Although this plate design sounds like it has potential- I personally try to fill my plate with half veggies and then I know I'm good.

Try comparing the Canadian food pyramid to ours, the differences are pretty interesting.


Aaron MC said...

I just checked out the Canadian... rainbow? Ok. Sure.

I like it more than the current pyramid, but it's still falling for some of the old problems that the first pyramid.

You should check out the pyramid that was put together by Harvard Medical School. It hasn't been updated for eight years or so, but it's still wildly more accurate than anything out there.