Friday, May 29, 2009

Latte Art Watch

Well what do you know...

I just got latte art at CofEx. I also discovered that a medium latte is really freaking huge. It's about 10:30pm and I'm wired beyond belief.

It wasn't the best latte I've had at CofEx. It was somewhat bitter with a brightness I don't usually find in their espresso roast. I like CofEx's roast because it's a very deep, mellow flavor, and this was under-par. I don't blame the barista, though. Her form was good. I suspect the beans were roasted more than usual in the batch they were using. The barista didn't free-pour and there were some noticeably large bubbles in the foam, as you can tell from the photo.

Still, it's touches like this that confirm why I go to CofEx whenever I can. This was a bad drink for them and it's still better than the bar, Starbucks, and better than or as good as other, well-respected cafes. Bravo.

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