Monday, July 27, 2009

The Problem With Cupcakes.

Alton Brown once said in his episode about cupcakes, that they are not "simply a delivery device for frosting." I was so glad to hear that. I really dislike buying cupcakes from bakeries, even the good ones, since they seem to insist on an equal volume of cupcake to frosting. It's insane. Seriously people, tone down the sweet tooth.

Just look at this bastard from Greggs. It's a good cupcake. But lordie, look at all that icing. It's one of their monster cupcakes, and its sheer size isn't very well communicated in this picture, but their big cupcakes are more than twice as big as your average cupcake. Three times is probably a good estimate. It is well over a cup of icing. After I took this photo, I scraped off more than half of the super-sweet swill before eating the cake... which was good. I'm very happy I ate it.

Now I'll probably get ants in my garbage.

Here's the Good Eats episode.

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