Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've been coming across ads for some liquor I've never heard of. It's called Canadian Club and they've been running the ad in a number of magazines. The basic idea, I guess, is that old men who were lascivious bastards when they were young, back in the 1960's, drank a lot of whiskey. What a great advertising message! What a great message! Skeezy men drink our whiskey! You should, too!

The other, equally disgusting direction, is that they directly reference "your" father. Your... father?! What the hell were they thinking when they decided to bring up images of good ol' dad banging everything with two legs while drunk?! This doesn't make me want to drink, it makes me want to obsessively shower.

UPDATE 4/2/2010: I found this great spoof ad that really turns the concept on its head.


Jay said...

Uhhh Aaron?

C.C. and Ginger? Yeah, that's Canadian Club and Ginger Ale. Perhaps one of the most popular drinks 20 years ago, at least for me and some guys I used to hang out with back then. I'm 42. 1985, hmm, some great times...
Anyways, I suggest next time you visit a liquor store, buy yourself a nip of C.C. along with a fresh can of Schwepps Ginger Ale. Add to ice, and enjoy.
All I can say is what Wil Ferrel said in Old School when he experienced the sweet drops of cheap keg beer from a funnel. "It's so good when it touches the lips!"
You'll see.
AS for the marketing angle, yeah. I really don't need a visual on dad laying the pipe to some other chick, other than ma. Not that that conjurs up great images either...

The Jayman

Aaron MC said...

Damn! I feel so uncultured! I didn't know this. But hey, I know all of the ingredients in a Zombie. Eh? Eh?! That's worth something. And I guess the ad worked. I now know what Canadian Club is.

And 1985, eh? What did you think of A View to a Kill? I thought Roger Moore looked pretty silly pushing 60 and trying to be all sexy.