Sunday, October 12, 2008

RECOMMENDATION: Kinder Happy Hippo

I was recently introduced to a new cookie. Well, not really recently. It was, like, two years ago. Still! Only recently did I decide to write about it.

It's called the Kinder Happy Hippo. It's made by Ferrero, the same company that makes Ferrero Roche. They're the candy with those hilariously pretentious advertisements that act like only rich people eat them and yet are sold primarily at Wal*Mart. They also make Nutella, if you like a spread that completely eliminates any healthful attributes to a sandwich.

It has a wafer body, which is painted up to look somewhat like a hippo. I think it looks like a butt with two bullet holes in the cheeks and a set of eyeballs on the back. Still, I appreciate their effort. It's made from remarkably good ingredients. Very few unpronounceable chemicals. The chocolate creme inside is smooth and very flavorful. As far as cookies/candy go, these are quite good. Be careful giving them to kids. Kids will want multiple cookies, but they're 116 calories each. And if it's just you, these are a great way to break a diet for a few minutes. You can buy them where I did, on Amazon.

These get my pre-packaged junk food thumbs-up.


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