Saturday, July 19, 2008


You want frozen lemonade? Forget Del's. Remember, Del's donated to the Bush campaign, and we all know where that got us.

No, Del's is old hat, now. Now, that I have found the frozen lemonade nirvana that is Mr. Lemon. Make sure to bring a tazer... or a cattleprod. Mr. Lemon is situated in a pretty sketchy neighborhood. In fact, before going, just break your windows now to get it out of the way. It makes it easier for the 14-year-old to steal your GPS. In all honesty, though, parking can be problematic since it's street-side, and traffic on Hawkins can get bad. But trust me, it's worth it.

Mr. Lemon sports some of the best, most flavorful, best textured frozen lemonade I've ever had. I like the texture more than Del's. It's denser, with fewer large ice crystals. It's more snow-like as opposed to the blended ice of Del's. The flavor is also leaps and bounds ahead of the watery-in-comparison competition. And what a selection! Lemon, Blueberry (a favorite), Bubblegum, Cherry, Creamsicle, Lime Ricky, Passion Fruit, Peaches and Cream, Pina Colada, Pina Colada Watermelon, Raspberry, Root Beer, Root Beer Float, Strawberry, Tutti Fruitti, Vanilla, Watermelon, and a number of blends.

If you find yourself in the western side of Providence, this summer, you should definitely try Mr. Lemon.

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32 Hawkins St
Providence, RI 02908

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Steph said...

Oh, I love Mr. Lemon! I used to go all the time when I went to PC. Thanks for the reminder.