Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Harvest Season! Bring Out the Pipes! (Part 1)

Scotland Connecticut Highland Games

The Connecticut Highland Games are much smaller than their gigantic brother up in Hew Hampshire, but that gives them a sense of accessibility and ease. Whereas the New Hampshire event truly takes two days to get everything out of it, Connecticut can be done in an afternoon. The crowds are lighter, and everything is generally cheaper.

This sport is known as the sheaf throw. It's a burlap sack filled with straw until it weighs 20 pounds for the men and 10 for the women. But judging from some of the women, I see no reason to not give them the 10-pounder. It is most certainly a game of strength and skill, since many of the participants are strong enough, but as the height grows their accuracy prevents them from moving forward.

The Port-o-Potties are very clean. I'm always happy with them.

I'm not a small man, but jeezum crow do these guys make me feel inadequate.

A haggis puff. It's actually not real haggis. It's just ground meat with all of the haggis spices in it. That the spices were originally used to cover up some extreme nastiness is no surprise; it's strong. Not bad though. At first, you're like "*chomp*, uggh. This is disgusting... *chomp* bleggh. Why would anyone eat this?... *chomp*" and you just go like that until you're done.

A crushingly cute highland cow. It has eyelashes! This one was obviously powerwashed just before the event, and they're likely mud-covered piles in the wild, but this one was great.

This pipe-overload is compliments of the band Prydein. They're a sort of rock/pipe band and have a good sound. This set up was just freaking hilarious. They had one piper, then two, then four, and then they just brought up a whole freakin' pipe band. Fast forward to 2:50 for the real fun to begin.

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