Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am always on the lookout for cookies, nay, anything made without shortening. I do it for health reasons, certainly, but this has been an obsession of mine for many years. Shortening is used not because of taste, but because of cost and shelf life. That's it. Products made with the good, ol' fashioned parts mother used almost always taste noticeably better. For one thing, don't even get me STARTED on brownies made with butter.

So it is with great happiness that I can recommend LU Cookies. Well, I can recommend most of LU Cookies. Especially the delicious Petite Madeleines pictured above. A few, like the Chocolatier are hands-off, since they have those insidious hydrogenated oils in them. Doesn't matter, though. The Madeleines are where it's at. They're like Pepperidge Farms' Milano, only much better. The chocolate is richer, darker, and there's simply more of it. The cookies themselves have a fresh crunch and crisp to them that Milanos can't match.


Anonymous said...

LU has always been a pretty good brand, but Pepperidge Farm is filled with hydrogenated oils. I was surprised you even mentioned them. Since 2007, LU has been a part of Kraft Foods. My favorites are the crispy Cinnamon biscuits.

Aaron MC said...

Hi anonymous,

I mentioned P-F simply to compare. I've actually ranted about P-F and especially Keebler when it comes to hydrogenated oils.